Camps in Ukraine and Poland

We are planning to have camps in Ukraine and Poland this summer. We look forward to partnering with churches in Ukraine. These areas are not near Russia.  We plan to have camps in June. We are praying for team leaders for camps. It is such a blessing to spend time with the orphans. Orphan camp … Continue reading

Ukraine Mission Trips

Our next mission trips are planned for is this summer.  Cost to join us on this trip is $2,400.  We will have village camp the first week and then orphan camp. We will carry clothes and crafts supplies this year. Contact Hollie Holmes for more information at Please send donations to:  Refuge, PO Box … Continue reading

Great camp!

The first week of camp was in a small village in Ukraine. We partnered with a local church. We had a great week. There were more children at camp than expected! There are only 170 children in the village and we had 111 at camp. Praising God! The second week of camp was in a … Continue reading

Village Camp

We had more children than expected this year at village camp. We taught Bible, English, Sports, Crafts and Music and fed them twice a day! To God be the glory!


We hope to host orphans this summer.  It cost $2,500 hosting fees to bring an orphan to the U.S.  Would you be willing to help raise funds? We need volunteers to help during hosting. Contact for more information.


Join us on a mission trip for camp in Ukraine! We will have Bible, crafts, games, and music. Please help us bring joy into the lives of these children. We look forward to seeing what God will do at camp this year! Each year there are new children and different lives are touched. We have … Continue reading

Camp in Ukraine 2013

We will be in Ukraine July 12-20 and July 21-27 for camp this year. We need to raise $2,400 for the first week of village camp and $2,400 for the second week of orphan camp. It cost about $15 to feed a child for the week. Would you pray, join us, or donate? Join us … Continue reading

Praying for Be Joyful in Hope

We spend a lot of time praying. Seeking God’s will for this ministry. Some of our prayers are what orphans to host, when, how long, how many? Where to have camp, how many, and who will go? Who to tell about the ministry and how to tell people? Pray about who will be going to … Continue reading

Bringing Hope

We are so excited to be planning camps in Ukraine again this summer. Our first camp will be the last week of June. Last year, at the first camp, there were 88 children! The local church started a Saturday Bible study for them. It is great to hear what God is doing. We would love … Continue reading